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The Silver Partnership category is most suitable for partners with regular IT refresh cycles. Silver Partners are interested in managing their IT assets, and require solutions and procedures to optimize the disposition of their IT assets.


Most suitable for companies with regular IT refresh cycles, companies and resellers with “green” strategies, IT equipment resellers with frequent trade-in support needs, or companies focused on optimizing cash management, the Silver Partnership enables our partners to:

  • Monetize

    Monetize/Dispose of used IT Equipment

  • Mitigate

    Mitigate potential data security risks

  • Maximize

    Maximize the proportion of reused vs. recycled IT equipment

  • Recycle

    Recycle equipment in an environmentally friendly manner

  • Environmental

    Set, track and achieve environmental goals

  • Protect our Planet

    De-install/Re-install and redeploy IT assets

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    Obtain periodic reporting


▢   IT Equipment Disposal – Resale and Responsible Recycling
Ombligo makes IT equipment units and parts available for sale once received, tested, sanitized and analyzed. Units and parts are sold at a certain price with a thirty (30) day standard warranty. Ombligo is responsible for warranties, sales taxes, insurance, shipping and packing. Ombligo offers, at a separate charge to purchasers, software licenses such as operating system software or productivity software and/or extended warranties in Ombligo’s name, sole expense and remuneration.

Equipment that Ombligo determines is unrepairable, unsellable and/or not up-cyclable is responsibly recycled. Ombligo has an environmental commitment and an audited environmental management system – ISO 14001. Ombligo complies with local, state and federal electronic waste laws.

▢   Data Sanitization with Letter of Indemnification
In an effort to adhere to the guiding principles of the Department of Defense’s 5220.22-M standard as of February 2006, Ombligo uses the most recent version of the ‘NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization’ as of September 2012. To that end, Ombligo, at a minimum, clears and sanitizes electronic data that could identify the Partner as the equipment owner, or irreparably deforms the equipment containing electronic data. Furthermore, Ombligo physically removes stickers and tags (except for Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) labels) from all equipment received from Partner. We then provide our partners with a letter of indemnification that details all of our data sanitization work performed, along with the specific serial numbers of all units of equipment or Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) sanitized.

▢   IT Inventorying Services
Partners may elect to have Ombligo prepare an Inventory List prior to marketing that list to potential used IT buyers/resellers. Ombligo sends a team to its partners’ designated locations to compile an Inventory List, which includes the following characteristics for each piece of Equipment, where available:
+ Company reference number (also known as Company’s Asset Tag – “CAT”)
+ Class (e.g., laptop, desktop, server, switch or router)
+ Manufacturer
+ Model number
+ Generation
+ Serial number
+ Parts information (e.g., quantity and part number of processors, quantity and step code(s) of memory sticks, quantity and model number(s) of HDDs, etc.)
+ Location

▢   De-Installation, Packaging and Reverse-Logistics Services
Partners often select Ombligo for reverse-logistics services. We send out a team – often referred to in our industry as a “white gloves service” – to designated partner locations for inventorying, de-installing, packaging, and picking up our partners’ used IT equipment that has been earmarked for disposition, or redeployment. Ombligo prides itself on being a trust-worthy partner for such services. Our team has been commended for:
1) its strong work ethic and professionalism.
2) its knowledge and experience.
3) its ability to work under tight schedules and time requirements.
4) its consistent ability to over-deliver on its contractual obligations.

▢   IT Equipment Upgrades and Parts Harvesting
Ombligo may choose to upgrade partners’ equipment prior to earmarking it for sale when it is economically more advantageous for our partners to do so. Ombligo uses partner-owned or Omlbigo-owned parts to upgrade partners’ equipment. We also upgrade the Basic Input Output System (“BIOS”) in partners’ equipment prior to earmarking it for sale.

Ombligo may determine that IT equipment units – even if not sellable – contain sellable part(s) that can be used for repairs and/or upgrades of partners’ equipment (“Harvested Parts”). Ombligo removes such parts from units when it is economically more advantageous for our partners to do so. Harvested Parts are earmarked for sale or used for upgrades and/or repairs of partners’ equipment.

▢   IT Equipment De-Installation, Re-Installation and Redeployment Services
For used IT equipment earmarked for disposition, Ombligo inventories, de-installs and picks up such equipment for processing at an Ombligo facility. Used IT equipment goes through our receiving and visual inspection process, before going through testing using our proprietary Testing Inventorying and Provisioning System (TIPS) to record objective characteristics. Equipment that passes Ombligo’s test will be made available for sale as received from our partner, as parts or upgraded/repaired by Ombligo. Alternatively, at our partner’s request, equipment with specific predefined specifications gets redeployed to other partner locations for re-installation. Equipment that fails Ombligo’s test is exclusively repaired when it is economically more advantageous for our partner to do so.

▢   IT Equipment Repairs and Warranty Services
Ombligo may repair IT equipment prior to earmarking it for sale when it is economically more advantageous for our partners to do so. Ombligo confirms warranty status by OEM for equipment it determines is likely sellable after repairs. If Equipment is under OEM warranty, then our partners provide us with the necessary credentials for Ombligo to use the OEM’s warranty services. Ombligo then coordinates repairs to be performed by the OEM using parts supplied by the OEM. Non-warrantied equipment that Ombligo determines is likely sellable after repair, is repaired by Ombligo using partners’ Harvested Parts, and if none, Ombligo-owned parts.

▢   Storage
Ombligo stores IT equipment for our partners, and allow them to remotely track, query, and act upon those assets in real time.

▢   Standard Reporting Services
Ombligo provides partners with the following standard exhibits on a monthly basis:
+ “Company Summary Report” – summarizes all activities for the month
+ “Itemizing Sold Equipment” – summarizes equipment sales data
+ “Itemizing Repaired Equipment”
+ “Itemizing Upgraded Equipment”
+ “Itemizing Sanitized Equipment” and Letter of Indemnification
+ “Itemizing Responsibly Recycled Equipment”


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  • Receive approximate inventory list

  • On-site inventory services, if required


  • Receiving at Ombligo facility

  • Testing, Inventorying, and Provisioning System (TIPS)

  • Data destruction and sanitization

  • Upgrades/repairs and parts harvesting


  • Selling

  • Responsible recycling

  • Storage for redeployment

  • Reporting

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