Ombligo is a leading full-service IT Asset Disposition provider headquartered in a 30,000 sq ft. R2 certified facility in Brooklyn, NY.

With over 20 years of experience, Ombligo helps clients strategically manage the lifecycle of their IT assets.

Our focus is sustainability, the environment, and data security. This helps us safeguard and enhance your brand equity.

Our client-centric approach is built around:


Minimizing Environmental Impact by Maximizing Proportion of Hardware Reused and Resold vs. Responsibly Recycled


Ensuring Recycled Obsolete Parts Do Not End Up in Landfills

data security

Minimizing Data Security Risks


Maximizing Value Through Harvesting of Parts and Maximizing Proportion of Units and Parts Sold via Retail vs. Wholesale Channels

Our Services

IT Asset Disposition Core Disposition Reverse Logistics Secondary Hardware Maximize Ancillary Life Cycle
Decommissioning / Deployment / Redeployment Delivery Fair Market Valuation Services
Data Sanitization (On-Site / Off-Site) Trade-In Management Lease Return Management
Remarketing & Resale Service Provisioning Charitable Donations
Responsible Recycling Systems Imaging Sales to Employees
Upcycling Break / Fix Depot Services
Collection / Bin Rentals Smart Warehousing Informed Decision-Making
On-Site Packing / Secure Transportation Move Add Change (MAC) Reports
Logistics / Chain of Custody
Theft Protection
Robust Reporting

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Ombligo In The News

IT Asset Disposition


Strong commitment to maximize proportion of hardware reused / resold vs. responsibly recycled.

— Over 500,000 units resold since 2018

Responsible Recycling

Full downstream visibility and traceability by serial number.

— Over 200,000 Units Responsibly Recycled Since 2018


No value in the secondary market? We upcycle!

Desk Card Holder


Maximize Reuse

We look beyond whole units and analyze individual parts. Even for units of no resale value, we are still able to harvest and resell parts of value thereby keeping the parts responsibly recycled to a strict minimum.

Responsible Recycling

Yearly audits to ensure we comply with all our certification requirements.

Robust Reporting

Periodic reports detailing serial numbers processed, as well as equipment sanitized, resold and responsibly recycled. Further details on types of materials recycled for all hardware recycled for the period.

Data Security

NIST-Compliant Process

We use the latest NIST guidelines for data sanitization.

On-site Data Sanitization

Sanitization and/or shredding activities available onsite.

— Over 80,000 HDDs sanitized since 2008.

Letter of Indemnification and Reporting

A letter of indemnification details all serial numbers processed, sanitized, and/or responsibly recycled.

Reverse Logistics


Have new gear coming in? Our team can help seamlessly get your old gear out of the way.


Need to plug in new hardware or moving offices? Our team can replicate existing setups and configurations easily.

Pickups & Deliveries

Nationwide and internationally. We handle everything, from unplugging equipment from your network to safely getting the hardware to our facility.

Depot Services


We inventory and store replacement hardware for various clients. We process various ticket requests to then replace, repair and/or take out existing equipment helping our clients significantly save on internal IT resources.


Need to store replacement equipment or stage a relocation or new setup? We’re here to help; and as New Yorkers we understand the value of space.

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