Comply with OEM Trade-In Programs

  • Comply with trade-in programs.
  • Ensure equipment specifications are accurately recorded.
  • Eliminate tension between VAR, its clients and the OEM regarding condition and location of equipment.
  • Provide comprehensive reporting from pick-up to delivery.

Generate New statics of Revenue

  • Provide customers with a broader range of trade-in options.
  • Complement client offering of new IT equipment (for customer-facing infrastructure) with used IT equipment (for back-office infrastructure).
  • Maximize value of used equipment traded in.

Combine Discount with Trade-In

  • Managers can request a discount from the OEM and work with Ombligo to provide a trade-in value.
  • Reduce time account managers spend on managing customers’ old IT equipment.

Increase Profitability

  • Earmark 100% of revenue generated from old IT equipment to customers.
  • Alternatively, account managers can allocate a percentage of this revenue to their own Gross Profits.

Achieve Environmental Goals

  • Establish and manage “Green” strategies.
  • Set, track and achieve environmental goals.
  • Provide downstream recycling visibility.
  • Set and evaluate performance targets.
  • Comply with federal, state and local laws.