Following Ombligo’s parts vs. whole analysis and market confirmation, some parts may still have no value, neither on their own nor as an upgrade part. Ombligo will consider these parts for upcycling/repurposing to the extent that they can be used for some other purpose prior to earmarking them for responsible electronic recycling.

Several repurposed large and small e-waste parts are being used by Ombligo employees at our Industry City offices in Brooklyn. Some examples include:

  • Our desks: The shiny solid surfaces of Ombligo’s high-end plywood desks don’t use wobbly legs to support themselves. They’re elevated by a stack of sturdy, clean, unsaleable server chassis.
  • Our business card holders: Don’t know what to do with unsaleable voltage regulator modules? We use them to create a networking spark, by keeping our business cards within their sturdy narrow rows.

Our strong environmental commitment starts with our efforts to maximize the number of equipment units and parts that are being reused (whether remarketed or upcycled) versus responsibly recycled, but does not end there:

  • Our informative business cards are printed on seed paper. Simply scan our info into your smartphone – then gently bury our card beneath a little soil, water it, and watch it grow green and leafy.
  • Our pens at the office all use biodegradable materials.

Our upcycling projects are also not strictly limited to the repurposing of hardware. As a matter of fact, one of our featured projects is a playlist of downloadable upcycled warehouse sound recordings, which is perfect for sampling by DJs and producers looking for a gritty blue-collar drop in their next production. Some cuts include:

  • Banding a pallet
  • Dropping heatsinks
  • Recycling heatsinks
  • Hot-swapping 2.5” and 3.5” HDDs
  • Lifting a server into a server rack
  • Using a pallet-stacker horn