Ombligo ensures that its partners’ e-waste is responsibly recycled by e-Steward certified downstream vendors, which are regularly monitored and audited. However, we also have a secure and cost-effective strategy to get e-waste from our partners to an Ombligo facility, embodied by the “Ombligo Bin”: Partners that elect to have Ombligo sanitize data at an Ombligo facility, but do not want to resell some of their more sensitive equipment parts, are provided with a securely locked box – an Ombligo Bin – which is placed at partners’ locations. Ombligo Bins are dedicated to store excess IT equipment parts that Ombligo partners earmark for data sanitization and responsible electronic recycling. Ombligo picks up Ombligo Bins on a regular schedule, the frequency of which differs depending on each partner’s specific needs and requirements.

Ombligo believes that there should be an e-waste recycling bin next to every garbage bin and paper/plastic recycling bin in the world. We also believe that, given the opportunity, people want to do the right thing. So Ombligo has designed and distributed Ombligo Bins, which are recycling bins for e-waste. Ombligo Bins are locked bins that encourage employees of large companies and tenants of large industrial buildings to properly dispose of their e-waste, securely and responsibly. Ombligo has recently launched a successful Ombligo Bins pilot project in select buildings and data centers in NYC.

Key benefits of Ombligo Bins include:

  • A convenient on-site location for depositing recyclable e-waste
  • A cost-efficient bin option that helps partners avoid fines for improper e-waste disposal
  • Reliable bin-locking mechanism to preserve security of sensitive data contained within e-waste