Ombligo’s Smart Hands services help partners efficiently de-install their excess IT equipment, as well as install new equipment purchases.

Deinstall, Install/Reinstall and Redeploy

Ombligo inventories, de-installs, packs and picks up its partners’ IT equipment earmarked for disposition or redeployment, and delivers it for processing at an Ombligo facility.

Ombligo prides itself on being a trust-worthy partner for such services. Our team has been commended for:

  • Its strong work ethic and professionalism
  • Its knowledge and experience
  • Its ability to work under tight schedules and time requirements
  • Its consistent ability to over-deliver on its contractual obligations

Office Moves

Several of Ombligo’s Silver and Gold partners use our smart hands services to move either between office locations, or sometimes simply between different floors in one location. Our team pays extra attention to initial setups and user preferences to make sure that once equipment is moved and reinstalled, the new setup is basically a clone of the old one and users cannot even tell the difference. For some partners in the finance industry, such as hedge funds, where users have setups with three to four monitors per user and their users are very specific in terms of where all the peripherals are located, this becomes extremely important.

Physical IT Asset Inventory

As part of our standard partner services, Ombligo sends a team to its partners’ designated locations to compile detailed inventory lists that partners can then either shop, or use internally to make more informed IT refresh decisions, as well as for IT inventory management. Ombligo’s inventory lists include the following characteristics for each piece of Equipment, where available:

  • Company reference number (also known as Company’s Asset Tag – “CAT”)
  • Class (e.g., laptop, desktop, server, switch or router)
  • Manufacturer
  • Model number
  • Generation
  • Serial number
  • Parts information (e.g., quantity and part number of processors, quantity and step code(s) of memory sticks, quantity and model number(s) of HDDs, etc.)
  • Location