Ombligo helps its partners strategically manage their IT infrastructure by empowering them with information, resources and services to meet their corporate objectives, their legal compliance, as well as their environmental goals. Some of these services include:

Monetization of Excess IT Equipment

Under a consignment partnership, Ombligo will refurbish and remarket its partners’ excess IT equipment for resale, after data sanitization. Ombligo retains a remarketing fee and remits the majority of the proceeds back to its partners.

For one-time projects and Copper partnerships, where some potential partners just want to sell electronics, Ombligo will purchase used data center equipment outright from them. Under this scenario, Ombligo pays upfront for the purchase of such equipment. Ombligo will then sell the refurbished electronics in the secondary market.

Under both scenarios, Ombligo provides its partners with a letter of indemnification for all data sanitization, responsible electronic recycling and secure data destruction services performed, detailed by specific part and/or unit serial number.

Certified Data Sanitization

In an effort to adhere to the guiding principles of the Department of Defense’s 5220.22-M standard as of February 2006, Ombligo uses the most recent version of the ‘NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization’ as of December 2014.

To that end, Ombligo, at a minimum, clears and sanitizes electronic data that could identify its partners as the original equipment owners, or irreparably deforms such equipment that contains electronic data. Ombligo also physically removes stickers and tags (except for Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) labels) from all equipment received from its partners.

Ombligo provides its data sanitization and secure data destruction services both at an Ombligo facility, as well as onsite at its partners’ locations. Ombligo takes over responsibility for any electronic data from the moment it picks up its partners’ excess IT equipment. Chain of custody starts when Ombligo’s team touches its partners’ excess IT equipment.

E-Waste Recycling

Ombligo has a very strong commitment to reduce electronic waste (e-waste). With that in mind, Ombligo’s number one priority is to remarket and sell electronics in the secondary market for used IT equipment.

For used IT and other data center equipment which does not have any resale value, Ombligo carefully analyzes such equipment’s different components to determine whether any of its parts may have resale value. Ombligo then dismantles such equipment and harvests any parts which do have resale value. These parts are then either sold on their own, or used for upgrades and/or repairs of other equipment.

For other computer parts, server parts or whole units which do not have any resale value, Ombligo will first consider whether these could be upcycled. Examples of this include making office desks using a stack of clean, unsellable server chassis and a piece of plywood, as well as having repurposed unsellable voltage regulator modules for use as business card holders.

It is only those equipment units and parts which have no resale value and which cannot be upcycled that are responsibly recycled. As part of its ISO:14001 Certification, Ombligo regularly monitors its downstream vendors to make sure that any materials sent to these vendors are being handled and recycled responsibly.