Ombligo provides its partners with an end-to-end lifecycle management solution for their IT infrastructure. This includes a wide array of logistics, reverse logistics and smart-housing services. Some of these services include:

Smart Hands

Ombligo’s Smart Hands services help partners efficiently de-install their excess IT equipment, as well as install new equipment purchases. Some of these services include:

  • Equipment De-Installation, Packaging and Pickups. For reverse logistics, Ombligo sends out a team – often referred to in our industry as a “white gloves service” – to designated partner locations for inventorying, de-installing, packaging, and picking up our partners’ excess IT equipment that has been earmarked for disposition, or redeployment.
  • Office Moves. Ombligo helps several of its partners move equipment between offices while safeguarding original setups and specific user preferences.
  • Physical IT Asset Inventory. As part of our standard partner services, Ombligo sends a team to its partners’ designated locations to compile detailed inventory lists that partners can then either shop, or use internally to make more informed IT refresh decisions, as well as for their IT inventory management.

Depot Services

Ombligo’s Depot Services, also referred to as “smart-housing” services help partners efficiently manage their IT hardware replacements and refresh projects. Some of these services include:

  • Receiving and Reconciling New Equipment Purchases. Ombligo helps its partners receive new equipment purchases and reconciling them to purchase orders, prior to installing them at their locations.
  • Receiving and Processing Returned Equipment Units. Ombligo receives some of its partners’ either defective or decommissioned IT equipment, either for redeployment to other partner locations, or for resale/responsible electronic recycling.
  • Deploying Equipment to Partner Locations. Ombligo deploys and/or redeploys new equipment purchases and/or repurposed existing IT equipment to different partner locations.
  • De-installation and Re-installation Services. At partners’ request, Ombligo will de-install decommissioned IT equipment, and install either new partner equipment purchases, or redeployed, previously decommissioned equipment at desired partner locations.
  • Storage and Reporting Services. As part of Ombligo’s Depot Services offering, partners are able to store hardware at an Ombligo facility at no charge. Partners are also provided with detailed reports regarding the movements of their IT assets over time.
  • Help Desk Services. Our customer services team, located in Brooklyn, NY, supports our partners to help address and quickly fix any problem(s) they might encounter. Depending on our partners’ preferences, Ombligo provides both on-site, as well as remote troubleshooting and help desk services.
  • Consulting Services. Ombligo offers its Gold partners that use our Depot Services with Fair Market Value (FMV) estimates for their used IT equipment managed by Ombligo. This allows our partners to make more informed decisions when purchasing new IT equipment.