When hard drive erasure is not successful, or when specifically requested by Ombligo’s partners, Ombligo will use a degausser for HDDs. Degaussing is an electromagnetic process which makes an HDD permanently unreadable, and is usually the first step (followed by possible deformation or hard drive shredding) toward responsibly recycling the HDD. Ombligo uses a Garner-HD-3WXL degausser for all HDD degaussing.

Ombligo degausses or irreparably deforms, then responsibly recycles, unrepairable and/or unsaleable magnetic media (e.g., HDDs, LTOs, DLTs, DATs, floppy disks or zip disks).

Due to the sensitive nature of their data, and compliance laws, the finance, healthcare, Information Technology, education and government industries all commonly seek out hard drive degaussing services. Among their desired service features:

  • Responsible electronic recycling
  • HDD sticker and tag removal
  • DoD standard compliance

Data Unit Degaussing Process Certificate

Ombligo provides its partners with a letter of indemnification that details all of the hard drive degaussing work performed, which includes the following information:

  • HDDs’ or other parts’ manufacturer, model and part numbers
  • HDDs’ or other parts’ serial numbers
  • HDDs’ capacity and interface
  • HDDs’ throughput speeds