Following using the degausser, Ombligo irreparably deforms HDDs and other computer parts earmarked for responsible electronic recycling. This is done by using a portable crushing device, which irrevocably deforms the part in question, making it unusable.

Though deforming is not necessarily a DoD-standard process, it is commonly used by most industry players as the last step prior to responsibly recycling an equipment part. Deforming is an inexpensive onsite way to prevent a future owner from accessing company or customer data from an improperly erased HDD or other equipment part.

Ombligo irreparably deforms, then responsibly recycles, removable media (e.g., USB thumb drives, memory cards or flash drives).

Data Erasure Certificate

Ombligo provides its partners with a letter of indemnification that details all of the deformation work performed, which includes the following information:

  1. HDDs’ or other parts’ manufacturer, model and part numbers
  2. HDDs’ or other parts’ serial numbers
  3. HDDs’ capacity and interface
  4. HDDs’ throughput speeds