Ombligo’s Depot Services, also referred to as “smart-housing” services help partners efficiently manage their IT hardware replacements and refresh projects.

Receiving and Reconciling New Equipment Purchases

Partners send Ombligo Purchase Orders (“POs”) for any new equipment purchases and they arrange for the packaging and delivery of new equipment to an Ombligo facility. Upon receipt of equipment, Ombligo unpacks and reconciles equipment received to the POs provided by its partners. Ombligo then sends its partners a “Receiving Report” detailing all equipment received by Ombligo.

Ombligo affixes a unique inventory number as a barcode (Ombligo Asset Tag, “OAT”) to each unit of equipment received, and identifies and records the following equipment characteristics, where available:

  • Class (e.g., laptop, desktop, server, switch or router)
  • Manufacturer
  • Model number
  • Generation
  • Serial number
  • Processors’ configuration
  • Memory configuration
  • HDDs configuration
  • Other parts information

If there are any discrepancies between equipment received by Ombligo and POs provided by partners, then Ombligo promptly alerts its partners of any such discrepancies. Our partners will then coordinate with Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEMs”) to get such discrepancies resolved accordingly.

If there are no discrepancies between equipment received by Ombligo and POs provided by partners, then Ombligo stores received equipment in a location dedicated to that specific partner’s equipment.

Receiving and Processing Returned Equipment Units

Ombligo’s partners use a ticketing system to open new tickets either requesting Ombligo to pick up decommissioned equipment, or informing Ombligo of returned units that are scheduled to be delivered to an Ombligo facility for processing.

Once Ombligo receives returned equipment from its partners, Ombligo closes the corresponding ticket in our partner’s ticketing system.

Ombligo first physically cleans returned equipment before testing. Once cleaned, Ombligo tests returned equipment and assign a functional grade, i.e. P or F (P: Pass; F: Fail). Equipment that passes Ombligo’s test will be made available for deployment, and is stored in partners’ equipment inventory at an Ombligo facility. Equipment that fails Ombligo’s test is either repaired when the economics make sense to our partners, or is earmarked for responsible recycling after data sanitization, when these economics do not. Ombligo also confirms warranty status by OEM and will handle calling in the warranty on behalf of its partners when applicable.


Deploying Equipment to Partner Locations

Imaging and Installation: Ombligo works with its partners to prepare the best-suited software and utility packages for new IT equipment imaging. Different images are usually standardized depending on employee function, and more specifically, seniority level. Images include all standard installations, such as Operating System (OS) software and productivity software. Images are installed on new IT equipment purchases, with the ability to image hundreds of computers or laptops at the same time. Ombligo is also able to remotely transfer images and other pre-stored or pre-configured data directly onto IT equipment physically residing in partner locations. To the extent permitted by its partners, Ombligo can remotely log into partners’ networks to install, retrieve or query data in real-time.

Ombligo’s team of technicians are experts in installing new IT equipment at partner locations, and are accustomed to working under strict and demanding conditions. We pride ourselves on being very efficient, productive, and sensitive to our partners’ specific requirements and preferences. Whether done remotely or at partner locations, our work is seamless and predominantly flawless.

For new IT equipment purchases, and following receiving, imaging and transferring of data, Ombligo will deploy partner IT assets to their desired locations. At partners’ request, Ombligo also sends or redeploys used IT equipment that is stored for our partners or otherwise in Ombligo’s custody.

De-installation and Re-installation Services

Ombligo inventories, de-installs, packs and picks up its partners’ excess IT equipment earmarked for disposition or redeployment, and delivers it for processing at an Ombligo facility.

Ombligo prides itself on being a trust-worthy partner for such services. Our team has been commended for:

  • Its strong work ethic and professionalism
  • Its knowledge and experience
  • Its ability to work under tight schedules and time requirements
  • Its consistent ability to over-deliver on its contractual obligations

Storage and Reporting Services

Ombligo stores IT equipment for our partners, and allow them to remotely track, query, and act upon those assets in real time. In addition to our standard periodic reporting exhibits, Gold partners also receive premium reports that include Move-Add-Change (MAC) reports, which detail the various movements of our partners’ IT equipment over a given period, as well as detailed recycling reports, which breaks down our partners’ responsibly recycled IT equipment by weights of raw materials recycled, in addition to customized partner-specific periodic reports.

Help Desk Services

Ombligo’s customer services team, located in Brooklyn, NY, supports our partners to help address and quickly fix any problem(s) they might encounter. Depending on our partners’ preferences, Ombligo provides both onsite, as well as remote troubleshooting and help desk services.

Consulting Services

New IT Purchasing Consulting: Ombligo’s partners make more informed decisions regarding their IT equipment, from procurement through disposition. We provide our partners with invaluable insights into potential residual values of IT equipment over time, depending on specific types of equipment, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), models, and the most recent, as well as expected supply and demand dynamics in the secondary market for used IT equipment.

Managing Assets Strategically (MAS): Ombligo’s internally developed, proprietary software enables our partners to strategically manage their IT assets. Full specifications and configurations are stored and available in the database, along with equipment’s physical location, user, characteristics, original cost, and current fair market values. This facilitates inventory management and allows our partners to act upon (sell, responsibly recycle, redeploy, store, etc.) their IT assets by simply using our M.A.S. software. M.A.S. provides detailed reports regarding the status and movements of our partners’ IT assets throughout their lifecycle. Our partners are also able to set and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) regarding their IT assets and IT budgets.

Used IT Equipment Appraisal and Valuation Services: M.A.S. provides Fair Market Value (FMV) estimates of used IT equipment based on the latest supply and demand dynamics in the secondary market for used IT equipment (both wholesale and retail). Our partners are able to make more informed trade-in and IT refresh timing decisions based on the information provided by M.A.S.