Ombligo has a very strong commitment to reduce electronic waste (e-waste). With that in mind, Ombligo’s number one priority is to remarket and sell electronics in the secondary market for used IT equipment.

For used IT equipment which does not have any resale value, Ombligo carefully analyzes such equipment’s different components to determine whether any of its parts may have resale value. Ombligo then dismantles such equipment and harvests any parts which do have resale value. These parts are then either sold on their own, or used for upgrades and/or repairs of other equipment.

Ombligo has a strong “pulse” on the market and uses various direct and online sales channels to remarket used IT equipment. Ombligo looks at popular configurations in various verticals and on different channels and looks at equipment units received on their own (whole analysis), their individual components on their own (parts’ analysis), as well as these units reconfigured using different parts (upgrade analysis). By doing this, Ombligo is able to really understand how to extract the most value out of each unit of equipment received and processed. This also allows Ombligo to minimize the number of equipment parts that are ultimately responsibly recycled.