Technology Corporation



Client had a large infrastructure of IT assets with a vast international footprint. They had a need to manage all these assets while minimizing the stress on their internal resources, specifically their IT staff. They had looked at a variety of widely available software solutions, most of which were mostly expensive, as well as required labor-intensive management.



Ombligo’s proprietary Managing Assets Strategically (M.A.S.) software platform enabled our Client to manage their entire IT infrastructure and remain on top of all their IT projects with very little supervision and management required from their internal staff.



Client had built a large IT team over the years, most of whom were focused on managing their existing IT infrastructure. The IT team was tasked to recommend a software solution that would allow them to spend much less time managing their existing infrastructure to be able to focus on the client’s core IT needs instead, i.e. help desk and trouble shooting for employees, sourcing new IT equipment, staying on top of latest IT trends, internal security, etc.

The vast majority of the available software solutions that were being proposed to senior management were 1) expensive, 2) not user-friendly, 3) covered a significant number of functions and features that the client did not need, and 4) required a significant amount of training and internal resources to use and manage on an ongoing basis. By recommending our M.A.S. platform, we were able to resolve all of these issues for our client: M.A.S. was inexpensive, very user-friendly and easy to use, only contained features that pertained to managing IT assets (with optional add-on features from which the client could select), and could be managed by one IT person exclusively.

M.A.S allowed our client to know, by merely looking at their dashboard, where their IT equipment was physically located, what the technical specifications and internal parts information were, when it was purchased, what locations it had been deployed at, and what the current Fair Market Values (FMVs) were. M.A.S. also enabled our client to seamlessly request actions for specific units of IT equipment, and/or for specific locations and data centers as a whole. By way of example, by a click of a button, our client was able to require specific IT units to be earmarked for disposition. Similarly, they were able to seamlessly request such actions as, de-installation, pickup, imaging, installation, redeployment, disposal, FMV appraisals, or just maintenance and repairs. By using M.A.S., our client was able to repurpose a significant number of their internal IT resources to focus on more critical, internal IT projects and their business’s core competencies.