Healthcare Provider



Client needed to de-install IT equipment from a large data center, relocate and re-install a proportion of that equipment that met specific technical specifications they had set, and dispose of the rest of the equipment. They also had specific data security concerns due to compliance requirements with HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley.



Ombligo de-installed all IT equipment from the data center, provided on-site data sanitization services, tested all equipment to inform Client about what units met their requirements for redeployment, and transported the rest of the equipment to our facilities for refurbishing, remarketing, upcycling, and responsible recycling.



Client had stringent requirements in terms of hours of operations, and in terms of when Ombligo’s team could access their data center (which was largely after business hours), as well as in terms of what methods would be used for sanitizing data from Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). Ombligo’s team accessed the data center off-hours and seamlessly de-installed all client’s IT equipment. HDDs were degaussed on-site prior to responsibly recycling them, to ensure no emissions of any hazardous fumes or materials due to our Client’s compliance requirements.

All de-installed equipment was then run through Ombligo’s proprietary Testing, Inventorying and Provisioning System (TIPS), which allowed our team to very quickly record all the equipment’s technical specifications and parts information. After testing the equipment with our TIPS system, our team was able to quickly identify which equipment met our Client’s technical requirements for redeployment, and consequently redeployed such equipment to specific Client locations at their request. The rest of the de-installed equipment was transported to our facilities for processing. The vast majority of that equipment was refurbished, upgraded and resold in the secondary market for used IT equipment. A small portion, which could not be resold or upcycled, was responsibly recycled.

The Client’s portion of the revenues generated from the equipment resale offset all the costs the Client had incurred for the project. The Client decided to donate the remainder of the funds that was appropriated back to them to directly fund a children’s hospital in the Midwest located in a technologically underserved market.