Large Financial Services Corporation



Client was gearing up for an IT refresh and did not want to use the OEM’s trade-in program. Client embarked on a project to compile a list of their used IT assets earmarked for disposition, and solicit bids from IT resellers for the list.



Ombligo’s on-site inventorying services allowed for efficiently compiling an accurate list of assets with detailed technical specifications that facilitated receiving firm and accurate bids from potential buyers.



When the Client first decided to embark on this project, they were convinced they would not need any outside help to put together a list of assets and market it to potential buyers. Instead, the Client used their internal IT staff and asked them to compile the list. While the Client’s inventory list included all the proper counts of equipment, along with the correct model numbers and generations for each asset, they would later find out that a lot of the configurations and detailed specs they had recorded and represented to buyers were in fact not accurate. Ombligo had the opportunity to visit one of the Client’s sites to record the technical specifications from some of the Client’s assets, representing around 20% of the entire equipment list that was earmarked for disposal. Working off the units we were able to inspect, we drew our own assumptions in terms of the specifications and configurations for the entire list that the Client intended to market.

When the Client auctioned their own inventory list, they received several offers, which varied widely in terms of value. Ombligo did not win the bid. The reseller who won the bid, and offered a multiple of Ombligo’s offer, based their offer solely on the Client’s inventory list. When the winning bidder went to pick up the equipment from the Client’s locations, they realized that a vast majority of the equipment specifications were actually not as had been represented on the Client’s inventory list, causing them to back out of their offer and threaten to sue the Client due to time and resources they had spent bidding for the project and sending a team to pick up the equipment.

The Client was back at square one with no accurate inventory list to market and a lot of time and money spent to no avail. Having realized by then that they were trying to perform a task, which fell outside of their core competencies, the Client asked Ombligo to compile an accurate inventory list, which was marketed and successfully sold (and this time, Ombligo did win the bid). While they ended up spending a significant amount of time and resources only to realize a lower overall value on their assets (due to the time that had passed between the two auctions), the Client became an Ombligo Gold partner and exclusively uses us for all of their IT disposition projects.